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The Station - Home of the Social, focuses on creating moments and experiences that last. Whether it be a Wedding Social, Wedding Reception, Benefit Social, Live Skateboarding Event, A Manitoba Dock Party, or a Monster Mash, our mission is to create an experience that is higher than the soul can hope or the mind can hide. Through our relationship with you, our process aims to exceed your catered needs and leave lasting moments in the minds of the ones who experience your vision.

What separates us from other DJ companies is our ability to adapt to a wide variety of different party atmospheres, while maintaining close attention to detail throughout the party process. We are sensitive to each of our client's specific needs and realize that each event is not about us - it is about creating unforgettable moments for our clients and their guests. We are in this business because we love people and we love music - it’s our passion.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us!



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Manitoba – Home of the Social. There is no Province in Canada that knows this event better than Manitoba does. We invented the social and we do it proud. Whether it be a pre-wedding social or a benefit social, this Manitoba staple is widely sought, massively successful and proudly executed - we know, we’ve been doing it for 20 years in Brandon & Area.


To a lot of people, their wedding is one of the single most important days of their lives. We work hard to ensure that it ends up being the dream come true you imagine it will be. We guarantee quality of service, and in-depth music diversity to ensure everyone has an amazing experience, as well as professional emceeing designed to keep everyone having fun and feeling great!

We have multiple packages available - whether you require sound, music, and lighting for your ceremony as well as reception, or just one or the other. Our setup and experience makes it easy for you to have confidence that your dream is as flawless as expected.

Special Events & Parties

Whether it’s a Staff Party, Halloween, New Years Eve, The Holiday Season, or any party or gig you can imagine - we’ve got you covered for that too! From large to small parties, we’ll be there to make sure everyone is having an experience to remember!

Night Clubs, Bars & Pubs

We have spent many nights and many seasons inside the booth of many night clubs throughout the years. We also have our Club system available for Weddings, Socials and all events as well. The club is an amazing experience and we love keeping a dance-floor packed and feeling the bass in our chest!

Graduation & Safe Grad

It’s your Big Day! You finally did it! Now it’s time to take all that hard work and reward yourselves with the longest party you’ve ever been to. Who will make it to 8am? We know we will! Over the years, Safe Grads are one of the most fun events to DJ, MC, and Host because everyone is so happy and there is so much music to be played throughout the 10+ hour event that all requests are met. From Brandon, MB to Gladstone, Plumas to Birtle, and Boissevain to Yorkton, Saskatchewan, we’ve got you covered!

Live Sound

Mixing live bands is a feeling almost like no other. The rush you get from the hustle and bustle of switching out backline, getting monitor mixes, and creating that perfect live band sound for the rockstars performing on stage is indescribable. What we can say is, there's a constant smile on our faces during every second of this amazing experience. Whether it's a live band at a Wedding, Galla, Event, Festival, or at a Downtown Car Show, we've got your sound, lighting, and backline needs covered. It's our passion!

The Dock Party - A True North Summer

The Dock Party is another summer staple and a whole lot of fun. It is essentially a block party at the lake - invite all the neighbours and friends, dock the pontoons, wakeboard and fishing boats, tubes, and canoes at a dock and they become the Social House that night. The Station - Home of the Social gets the tunes playing and the lights flashing and before you know it, you’re still talking about it two weeks later!

Simply put, The Station rocks. It doesn’t matter what is happening or what is going on, the right song always comes on. There may be some dark magic at play because the music is wicked... can’t recommend enough.
— Bronson C.




Your event is so important to us, and we cannot wait to hear about it in as much detail as you need to share with us. We want to ensure that this process is as easy going and user friendly as possible, and the only way to do that is by being able to be there with whatever questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas you may have. We’ve got your back throughout your entire event process and cannot wait to be a part of it!

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